Race:Black/African American
Case #:ZH187517070
Profile Updated:7/6/2022
Photo Updated:7/2/2021

George presents as being a shy and reserved 15-year-old until he becomes comfortable with a person. He is in the 10th grade. George has a passion for playing football. He has been involved on the football team at a previous school. George also has a desire for cutting hair. In George spare time he enjoys playing video games, connecting with peer, and utilizing electronic devices. George already has his career path set out for himself. He is eager in becoming involved in the sports arena and perhaps being a barber as a second profession.

When it comes to getting along in a family he can be slow to warm up. This thrilling teenager is in need of an adoptive home where he can continue to work towards making positive strides. George enjoys receiving affection from those that he is bonded to, but he is not one that gives a lot of affection. He needs a family who will give him unconditional love and commitment.

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