Race:Black/African American
Case #:ZH187544023
Profile Updated:8/22/2022
Photo Updated:8/23/2022

I am a social butterfly and very outgoing. I am the most creative person among my peers. I enjoy talking and socializing with my peers. I like going to the recreational center with my peers and having fun, talking about school and homework. Socializing with peers makes me happy and I am always open to making new friends. I like to go shopping and getting my nails done.

I like to work with my peers in class on projects. I am able to participate in group activities and get a problem solved. My teachers know I work great in groups and am a team player. When I grow up I would like to be an RN while having my cosmetology license for some work on the side. I know there are many opportunities for me to become successful. My focus is on excelling at school and graduating high school.

A forever family means having a family I can call my own. A family I can go home to and talk about my day and share stories. To be able to create and share memories with my forever family is my ultimate goal.

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