DeJohn, De'Andre

Name:DeJohn, De'Andre
Ages:17, 10
Race:Black/African American
Gender:2 male
Case #:STX0112428
  • DeJohn, 17, male
  • De'Andre, 10, male
Profile Updated:2/25/2021
Photo Updated:7/30/2020

DeJohn and De'Andre share an exciting and tight knit big-little brother relationship. DeJohn is a good big brother who looks out for De'Andre and keeps him on track with his behavior and attention. De'Andre looks up to DeJohn and enjoys spending time with him. The pair share a close sibling relationship, which is reinforced by being together. They enjoy time together and time apart, due to the differences in their ages. DeJohn enjoys his time alone to do his own thing while De'Andre enjoys spending time with his peers. They continue to work on their big-little brother dynamic but they both have a positive effect on the other, which is noticeable to everyone around them.

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