Race:Black/African American
Case #:VA01320358
Profile Updated:4/25/2023
Photo Updated:11/7/2022

Chasidy is a creative and funny young lady. She enjoys art, crafts, listening to music, and taking walks. She is really looking forward to being able to go on outings again and hanging out with her friends. Chasidy makes friends easily, has good insight as to how her responses impact situations, and does well with taking responsibly. She is working on learning new coping skills that will help her with her communication skills. She is looking forward to being in her forever family, who she hopes will be patient, supportive, and willing to give her time to learn to trust them. She is currently placed separately from her sister, but remains in contact with her. Chasidy is excited to find her forever family, could that be you?

In our effort to limit the digital footprint of our children and youth, Virginia has elected to only provide photos to inquiring families. (A digital footprint could be described as a trail left behind when someone uses the internet (e.g. websites visited, social media accounts, photos, etc.). The state wants to be cautious as to who can see and potentially have access to youth’s info.

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