Race:Black/African American
Case #:ZH1810474677
Profile Updated:8/22/2023
Photo Updated:2/15/2022

Clinton is a 11-year-old who likes to go by the name Micah. Micah is a very energetic boy who loves to ride his bike and play sports when he is not busy with school. Micah is very charismatic and will keep you on your toes with his quick wit and charm.

Micah enjoys going to school being and being around his friends and learning new things in school, his favorite subject is reading, Micah would like to become a firefighter when he grows up.

Micah has a strong family and social support which he would like to maintain once his forever home is found. Micah continues to make great strides in his life, and the special family that finds Micah must be willing to learn how to meet his needs and be willing to accept a lifetime commitment. If you are that family for Micah, please don’t miss out on another minute without this wonderful young boy! Micah is the kind of child that will enrich your life forever.

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