Race:American Indian/Alaskan Native
Case #:0601w5650
Profile Updated:6/3/2022
Photo Updated:10/5/2021

Full of charm, wit, and just the right amount of sass, there's a lot to admire when it comes to Sasha. A very social and outgoing teen, Sasha loves any opportunity to go out and take part in the world. Going for a quick car ride? Sasha's your girl, she'll be right by your side belting out her favorite Pink songs along the way. Sasha loves to stay connected with her friends and the important adults in her life. Those close to Sasha speak highly of her creativity and outgoing and expressive personality, which you'll see all throughout her In-Depth Profile.

Two side by side pictures of Sasha. She is wearing a blue shirt, a colorful skirt, and has a big smile in both photos.

Heading into her senior year of high school, Sasha says that she prefers in-person school for the social elements. Sasha takes school very seriously and takes pride in getting good grades. Even when she’s had to change schools, Sasha keeps her optimism high. So far, she's really enjoyed trying out softball and volleyball and has hopes to try out for drama. She's also expressed interest in taking dance classes or being on the swimming team. In the past, she’s enjoyed being part of a local choir or attending community wellness nights.

Sasha’s ability and willingness to learn and engage with others has even encouraged her to take the initiative to contact the Chippewa Cree Tribe of the Rocky Boy's Reservation to ask for more information on how to learn her native language Cree. Sasha's native heritage is really important to her and something she's committed to learning more about!

Sasha loves a good Netflix marathon and wanted to share what she's been watching most recently.

Like many teens can attest to, Sasha enjoys fashion, dressing up, dying her hair, getting her nails done, and doing her make up. As far as other ways Sasha likes to spend her free time, you'll often find her curled up with a good book or watching one of her favorite shows on Netflix. Sasha especially loves watching anime, My Hero Academia being one of her favorites.

Sasha's social worker has said “it’s been incredible to see how Sasha has embraced her identity and is proud of who she is." Sasha is able to genuinely connect and have a conversation with the adults around her about her past experiences and identity. It’s important for potential adoptive families to know what Sasha wants in her future home. Most importantly, Sasha would like to be adopted by a family who is not transphobic and who is knowledgeable around the LGBTQ+ community or is at least willing to learn.

Sasha, smiling, in a blue shirt, with a trans pride flag as the background. Quote reads "I want a family who is accepting and who will accept me." - Sasha.

Sasha’s worker adds that an active and social family would be great for her. Her team thinks she will do well in most family configurations, including a home with one or two other kids. Sasha deserves patience and support as she transitions into a new home – a family who is willing to meet her where she is will be ideal.

If you can see Sasha in your family, please reach out to us! We’re so excited to find this great kid the home she deserves.

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Sasha is also featured on the Northwest Adoption Exchange website. Please check out her profile for the possibility of additional photos, videos, and inquiry information.

Profile current as of June 3, 2022

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