Race:Unable to determine
Case #:VA01321953
Profile Updated:4/25/2023
Photo Updated:11/7/2022

Leyem, born in 2011, is an outgoing young man. He is very charming, amicable, and a great conversationalist. Leyem loves to laugh and is an unapologetic lover of Beyonce’s music which he loves to sing along. He is very creative and has showcased his talent by designing his own racetrack on poster board and hand-sewing a variety of miniature pillows. In his spare time, Leyem enjoys playing video games, particularly ones about cars. He also enjoys riding his bike and scooter outside. Leyem is fascinated by fast cars - especially BMW's. Academically, Leyem does well in school and his favorite subjects are math, history, and social sciences. Additionally, Leyem loves to be helpful and having a job he can complete around the house – a kiddo who enjoys chores. Leyem has a strong desire to be part of a forever family that he can connect deeply and earnestly with its members.

In our effort to limit the digital footprint of our children and youth, Virginia has elected to only provide photos to inquiring families. (A digital footprint could be described as a trail left behind when someone uses the internet (e.g. websites visited, social media accounts, photos, etc.). The state wants to be cautious as to who can see and potentially have access to youth’s info.

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