Race:Black/African American, White/Caucasian
Case #:ZH188196610
Profile Updated:6/15/2023
Photo Updated:3/4/2022

Isaiah is competitive and strong yet, gentle, and kindhearted. In line with his character, Isaiah shares the best of both worlds when it comes to his interests. When he isn’t tapping into his size and strength during a game of basketball in the driveway or side-yard football, he appreciates taking time to himself to listen to music, play video games and support his Cleveland Sports Teams, specifically the Cleveland Browns. Isaiah especially enjoys the summer months when he can spend the day swimming with friends or traveling to a nearby amusement and waterpark attraction.

He has become more accepting and open-minded to the value of everyone’s differences, which he has cultivated a delight in trying new food and will put your spice tolerance to the test! Too, he has found purpose and motivation in regularly attending Church Service on Sunday Morning.

Isaiah continues to keep in close contact with his siblings through phone calls and visitation, which he has hope to maintain. Most of all, Isaiah is eager and looks forward to the day he has finally found a forever home and family of his own!

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