Race:Black/African American
State:Washington, D.C.
Case #:DC01209987
Profile Updated:4/3/2024
Photo Updated:7/19/2022

Aaliyah is a friendly 14-year-old African American girl. She enjoys going for walks, watching her favorite TV shows, doing puzzles, and playing in water… especially sprinklers. Aaliyah is quite the helper in the kitchen and has grown to embrace all types of food.

Aaliyah loves attention from adults. She likes being around her peers.

Aaliyah will do well with a family that will take the time to get to know her and bring out her best. A family that is patient, can relate to her and will provide Aaliyah with the consistency she needs to thrive. Someone with knowledge and experience caring for children with special needs would be an asset, but a family willing to learn how to care for Aaliyah will be considered. If you can picture Aaliyah becoming a part of your forever family, please contact Ms. Kim Walk at Kim.Walk@dc.gov .

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