Skyler, Ariazonna, Antonio

Name:Skyler, Ariazonna, Antonio
Ages:13, 11, 9
Gender:1 male, 2 female
Case #:SZH4713363
  • Skyler, 13, female
  • Ariazonna, 11, female
  • Antonio, 9, male
Profile Updated:4/25/2023
Photo Updated:10/20/2023

Sklyer is shy and takes a minute to warm up to you. She enjoys doing crafts, coloring and writing. Skyler really enjoys music, watching movies, and playing games. Skyler likes being helpful and completing tasks. She likes cooking and baking and being creative in the kitchen. Skyler gets along well with others and is a great big sister to her siblings.

Araizonna is very happy and easily engages in activities. She enjoys being outdoors, playing card and board games, riding her bike and getting her nails painted. She generally gets along well with her peers, but she can be a little bossy. Araizonna loves to be the center of attention and makes herself comfortable in most settings.

Antonio is a very active boy who enjoys playing sports, riding his bike and just being outside. He loves building with Legos, playing video games, and reading. Antonio has a very curious mind and loves to figure things out as he is a problem solver. Antonio gets along well with other children but is also very comfortable doing things on his own and entertaining himself.

This sibling group would do well in a two-parent family. It there were other children in the home, they would need to be the youngest children in the home. The family will need to engage in active parenting and be able to provide patience, nurturance and guidance for the children. The family will also need to have a predictable routine and be able to demonstrate clear expectations and structure. In addition, the family will need to be able to work with service providers, be advocates for the children’s needs and they will need an active support system. If you are this family, I look forward to hearing from you.

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