Ja'Shawn, Goshshon

Name:Ja'Shawn, Goshshon
Ages:12, 11
Race:Black/African American
Gender:2 male
State:North Carolina
Case #:SNC10513411
  • Ja'Shawn, 12, male
  • Goshshon, 11, male
Profile Updated:4/25/2024
Photo Updated:4/29/2024

Ja’Shawn and Goshshon are brothers who are extremely bonded and looking for their forever home. Ja’Shawn is a gentle, likable, and well-mannered young man who responds well to praise and positive attention. Ja’Shawn loves spending time outdoors and is interested in anything sports related. Aside from his interest, he also performs quite well in anything sports related, and would do well being apart of a team. When spending time indoors, Ja’Shawn likes playing video games and watching tv. Ja'Shawn is a Marvels fan and enjoys discussing the different characters. He is curious and enjoys learning about history and marginalized people. Some of his favorite foods to eat are chicken, spaghetti and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Goshshon is a friendly and inquisitive child with a big personality and great sense of humor. Goshshon describes himself as someone interested in arts and crafts. He enjoys creating things and utilizing his artistic talents. Goshshon enjoys playing outside and gets along well with his peers. Like his big brother, he enjoys playing sports and likes to focus on basketball and soccer. He likes spending time out in the community at the beach and attending church. Some of his favorite foods to eat are pizza, chili, homemade mac and cheese and oatmeal.

The boys need a home that will be filled with the love of patient and nurturing parents. Ja’Shawn and Goshshon do best in environments that are structured and consistent so that they know what to expect. They both require a great deal of attention and supervision and will need to have one-on-one time with their adoptive parents. Their adoptive family will need to have a good understanding of trauma and how that impacts behaviors. They would love an older brother that they could look up to in the home. Ja’Shawn and Goshshon will do great in a home with positive parents who will celebrate the boys big and small successes.

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