Justin, Davion, Malina

Name:Justin, Davion, Malina
Ages:12, 11, 10
Race:Black/African American
Gender:2 male, 1 female
Case #:S24380113429
  • Justin, 12, male
  • Davion, 11, male
  • Malina, 10, female
Profile Updated:6/3/2024
Photo Updated:3/6/2024

Justin, Davion and Malina are very energetic, imaginative, and fun-loving children. Their sibling bond is strong, and they are very protective of one another. They enjoy hanging out with each other and would love to have a family who will love, support, nurture and tend to their every need. Some of the kids’ favorite foods are pizza, burgers and mac cheese, although they also enjoy home cooked meals.

Justin is twelve years old and the eldest of this sibling group. Justin tends to be the protector and “commander in chief” in the family. Justin is expressive, he advocates for himself and is eager to learn. Justin is very cooperative, courteous, and respectful. Justin enjoys playing video games, building with Legos and he loves to eat…everything!

Davion is twelve years old. He is very helpful, appreciative, and affectionate. Davion likes to work around the house and he’s eager to learn. Davion is very good at building Legos; he has a very curious mind and is great at organizing and categorizing. Davion is also a creative artist using his imagination to draw.

Malina is a sweet, shy and sometimes sassy ten-year-old girl. She loves to play with her dolls, providing love and nurture and caring for them as one of her own. She enjoys spending time with others and hide n’ seek is her favorite game. Malina is affectionate and desperately wants to be loved by others.

If you are interested in providing a forever home for these kiddos, please contact:

Niquisha Adail, Extreme Recruiter



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