Case #:0603C10613
Profile Updated:6/6/2024
Photo Updated:6/27/2024

A social butterfly through and through, Mari is always eager to contribute to a conversation, tell a story or engage in interactive play. Mari enjoys being with the adults in their life as much as they enjoy hopping on some bicycles with their peers. To put it simply, Mari is a people person!

In their free time, Mari has enjoyed spending time both indoors and outdoors! When inside, you'll likely find them curled up with a good book (especially if it's a graphic novel), watching a movie, or playing video games! When they're up for being adventurous outside, you'll likely find them exploring, hiking, or swimming. They've also started playing softball and have been enjoying that sport!

As an animal lover, Mari has expressed that they would love to live in the country where they could learn to ride a horse or have pets of their own. Open-spaces and pets aren't totally necessary, however, as Mari would also be comfortable in a more urban setting as well.

Currently in the 7th grade, Mari does well in their classes with a little support, and enjoys the social aspect of school very much. Their current favorite subject in school is PE, because it allows them to get moving and be active! A family who can provide structure and continue to advocate for Mari’s education will be a great fit as Mari transitions into high school.

Mari has an older sister that they are close to, so a family who will support this connection and ensure these sisters remain close as they grow up is essential.

As far as being adopted, Mari is excited to find the perfect adoptive family and would love to have younger siblings as well.

If you can see Mari in your family, please reach out! Mari’s tam is excited to hear from families who can provide this amazing kid the love and support they deserve!

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