AdoptUSKids speakers bureau

Wondering if getting involved with AdoptUSKids as a member of our national speakers bureau is for you? Read more about this group of trained spokespeople.

What is the AdoptUSKids speakers bureau?  

The AdoptUSKids speakers bureau is a group of more than 100 spokespeople who help raise public awareness of the need for foster and adoptive families and inspire others by sharing their experiences of adopting from foster care.  

Why does AdoptUSKids have a speakers bureau?  

AdoptUSKids, as part of our mission, strives to raise awareness of the need for adoptive parents for children and youth in foster care. The best promoters for foster parenting and adopting are those with first-hand experience—people like you!  

We recruit and support spokespeople to assist states, tribes, and territories with raising awareness of adoption and foster care using a diverse group of individuals including, families, youth, professionals, and experts.  

The speakers bureau allows AdoptUSKids to promote positive stories and information on adoption and foster care and increase awareness and interest from a variety of audiences—including members of the media and potential foster and adoptive families. 

What will I be asked to do as a spokesperson?

Possible roles for spokespeople include:

  • Speaking with local, state, or national media. See recent examples of news stories featuring spokespeople in the media section of our website.
  • Representing AdoptUSKids at foster care and adoption events.
  • Having your story featured on our blog, in our social media platforms, and in our family newsletter, or other publications.
  • Participating with research focus groups.
  • Participating as part of a workgroup dedicated to a specific topic, such as National Adoption Month in November.

Spokespeople can participate in a variety of opportunities throughout the year. Each spokesperson has the opportunity to decide how to participate, and there is no firm time commitment required. Spokespeople do not need to be experts on adoption or foster care to participate in the speakers bureau.

Will there be education, development, and support?

Education is provided at no cost to all spokespeople. Training sessions are conducted quarterly via an online webinar. We ensure that every spokesperson is educated and prepared for every opportunity. We are here to support our spokespeople.  

Will I be required to travel?

There may be opportunities for travel; however, this is not a requirement for participation as a spokesperson. Travel-related expenses can be covered by AdoptUSKids. If you do not wish to travel, there will likely be additional opportunities closer to home.

Is it okay to say no?

Yes, we understand that life can be busy! And you can let us know what types of opportunities may or may not be a good fit. For example, you can say that you do not want to appear on television or have your family’s picture appear online.

Are my children required to participate?

No, it is very important to protect the identity and privacy of children and young people. If you are currently fostering, you will need to check with the caseworkers before allowing children to be photographed or sharing their names. Most agencies prohibit the use of photographs or full names of children or youth who are placed on a foster care or pre-adoptive (before finalization) basis.  

Who are the other speakers bureau members?

We currently have more than 100 active spokespeople from all over the US, Washington, DC, and Puerto Rico. You can read families’ stories on our blog.

How do I get started?

Contact our national campaign director by phone, 410-636-7034, or email, or submit your information online.