This illustration reflects the look and feel of a scrapbook. Text and images follow.
We never outgrow the need for family. Children need love and encouragement throughout their lives.

Photo 1: Teenage girl behind wheel of a car, adult woman beside her in passenger seat. 
Caption 1: Teach her how to drive.

Photo 2: A woman helping tie a necktie.
Caption 2: Help him prepare for his first job interview.

Photo 3: A teenage girl gazing ahead, looking sad.
Caption 3: Remind her that she is beautiful, even on bad hair days.

Photo 4: Five teenage boys on a basketball court, huddling before a game. 
Caption 4: Celebrate his achievements…

Photo 5: View of the back of an older and younger man. Older man has his arm around the younger man. He appears to be consoling him. 
Caption 5: …and remind him that there are other fish in the sea.

Photo 6: A school graduation. A young woman graduate is hugging a young man. 
Caption 6: Cheer the loudest!

Photo 7: Eight people of different ages, genders, and races gathered around a table. A basket of rolls is being passed around.
Caption 7: And always save a place at the table.

Adopting a teen is the beginning of a lifetime of memories.


There are thousands of older youth in foster care who are waiting to be adopted. Although they are at risk of aging out of foster care, they will not outgrow the need for family.

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