Cherokee foster care and adoption guidelines

The Cherokee Nation adoption program takes their responsibility to Cherokee children seriously. The mission of Indian Child Welfare is to provide a safe and permanent home to tribal children who are unable to be cared for by their biological family.


Cherokee Nation Indian Child Welfare also assists attorneys, private and State agencies and other tribal agencies to comply with the federal law. The Indian Child Welfare Act states, "There is no resource that is more vital to the continued existence and integrity of Indian tribes than their children." Please, help us succeed in reaching our goal of assisting you, protecting our Tribe, protecting our culture, and protecting the future of our children.

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Contact information

Interested families should contact Cherokee Nation Indian Child Welfare at:


Foster and adoption licensing requirements

To become an adoptive family with the Cherokee Nation, at least one adopting parent must be affiliated with a federally recognized tribe, either by membership or Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood.  Both adopting parents must be age 21 or older.

The family must also submit to an extensive background investigation including state criminal, fingerprinting, child abuse and neglect, sexual offender registry, local agency, and Internet searches.

The family must disclose their financial situation and obtain physical examinations.  At least six references will be contacted.  Families may be required, location dependant, to undergo pre-service training classes to equip the family to accept placement of a Cherokee child.


Costs to foster and adopt

Adoption does not have to be expensive! In fact, many families use low-cost or almost no-cost adoption options every year.

Fees may vary depending on individual situations. For specific questions and information, contact Robert Fourkiller at 918-696-7603 (office), 918-316-0009 (cell) or


Agency contact and orientation information

For specific questions and information about finding an agency, please contact Robert Fourkiller at 918-696-7603 (office), 918-316-0009 (cell) or