Puerto Rico foster care and adoption guidelines

If you feel that you have enough love to share with a child in Puerto Rico, do not hesitate to begin the adoption process and make your dream come true. Your child is waiting to share the blessings life can offer.

Things you should know

Licensing requirements for foster or adoption

In order to qualify for adopting, you should fill out an application attaching the following documents: family picture, Police Department Certificate, Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate (if you are a couple), proof of income, medical exam, Social Security cards, and three (3) referral letters.

If you want to qualify to be a foster parent, you should fill an application and have the following requirements: be at least 21 years old, proof of income, proof of household expenses, three (3) referral letters, know how to read and write, Police Department Certificate and Health Certificate of each household member, and CPR/First Aid Certificate. (This last requirement is the only one that is required especially for foster parents.)

If you want to be foster parent for 1 to 3 children, you need only a certificate for the Department of the Family, but if you will take care of more than 3 children, then you should be qualified for a license, which means that you will need all of the requirements above.

For more information, you can call the Administración de Familias y Niños, Departamento de Cuidado Sustituto y Crianza tol (787) 625-4900, extension 1715 (for adoption), or extension 1684 (for foster care).

Parent support groups

Asociación Puertorriqueña de Padres Adoptivos
Teléfono: 787-293-0091
Correo Electrónic: adoptando03@yahoo.com

Agency contact and orientation information

The agency that is in charge of the majority of adoptable children in Puerto Rico is the Administración de Familias y Niños of the Departamento de la Familia with their 10 regional offices in the island.

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 194090, San Juan, PR 00902-4090
Phone: 787-625-4900, extensions 1715, 1684, or (787) 977-8022

Information on Puerto Rico's children

In Puerto Rico, the information, children’s photos, and children’s profiles are kept confidential for safety reasons and is entirely managed by the Administración de Familias y Niños of Departamento de la Familia de Puerto Rico.

After you are approved to adopt, you will be able to learn more about individual children at that time. We are not able to assist you with accessing information about individual children before then, but we are so glad that you are excited and want to learn more.